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Investment Opportunities

DLP Income & Growth Fund – Note Offerings

DLP “Home of the FIXED Return” offers note (debt) investment options within each of the DLP Funds in additional to on a separately managed account basis.

DLP Preferred Returns Equity Fund

All of the fund’s investments will be in a preferred position, either as preferred equity, with common equity invested “behind” the fund’s investment, or as a loan with equity invested “behind” the fund.

DLP Income & Growth Fund

The DLP Income & Growth Fund I, LLC is an Opportunity Fund that invests into a range of real estate backed investment opportunities.

DLP Lending Fund

The DLP Lending Fund lends short-term, high-yield capital to real estate investors, thus providing strong, consistent, and predictable returns.

How Everything Works Together

DLP Capital Partners provides investment funds that deliver consistent high-yield returns to investors.

Direct Lending Partners provides short-term acquisition and renovation financing for real estate investors to improve distressed assets and who subsequently secure permanent financing.

DLP Real Estate Partners acquires value-add real estate and drives returns and increases the value through capital improvements, driving up rents, and driving down expenses in order to generate revenue to meet and exceed targeted returns.

DLP Builders leads the redevelopment projects of DLP owned properties focusing on efficiently driving up value while maximizing every dollar spent.

DLP Realty has a significant referral network for all DLP Companies and leverages programs including the Guaranteed Sale Program and the Immediate Buy out Program to generate considerable acquisition volume. DLP Realty’s ability to sell Real Estate more efficiently than any other real estate brokerage creates an increased level of liquidity to DLP’s assets. Lastly, the vast volume of sales and access to real estate market data gives DLP a strong sense of the pulse and direction of the market.

DLP Property Management maximizes the rental portfolio through strong management and leasing, driving up revenue and controlling expenses. DLP Property Management provides an alignment of interest between investors and manages and generates significantly higher performance than leading management companies throughout the US. DLP Property Management utilizes some of the most advanced forward-thinking practices in the industry to produce these results.

Hear What Our Investors Have to Say

“We heard about DLP over the radio for at least a year. When I was approaching retirement in 2016, my wife and I were looking to achieve a higher return than we were obtaining in our money market accounts so we went to a DLP New Investor Dinner. The information presented prompted us to go to a second meeting. After that, we conducted internet research about DLP and consulted with our local investment and real estate advisors. Based on the positive findings and feedback from our research and the information presented by Don Wenner and his staff, we started our DLP investment program in the fall of 2016. We are very happy with the results. My wife and I will continue to incrementally add to our investment holdings with DLP Capital.

There are a lot of investment alternatives in the marketplace. However, we personally prefer an investment vehicle when we know the principals and the staff driving the program. Further, we prefer the ability to stop by the office and chat with Don and his staff on occasion. We can’t do that with a company headquartered in Chicago. We also like the quarterly investor meetings where we hear an update on the investments by Don but also hear comments from other investors about their programs and the general investment environment.”

– Timothy and Carol E., DLP Investors Since 2016

“Working with Larry, Don and the whole DLP Capital Advisors team continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience. They fully understand my investment goals and my risk tolerance. I invested in the Capital Advisors Lending fund more than a year ago and I’m very happy with the returns I receive and the relationship we’ve built. I will continue to invest in DLP funds and recommend that others talk with Don or Larry. You’ll be happy you did.”

– Louis M., DLP Investor Since 2016

“We’ve been really pleased with our distributions and the ability to diversify our investments among the different funds that are available through DLP. Don and the whole DLP Family have been very accommodating and have explained everything thoroughly. Unlike our past experience with other advisors, there are no surprises or hidden fees that come to the surface when we get our statements. For us, integrity, knowledge-base, and trust are all very important and everyone we’ve worked with at DLP has been professional, knowledgeable and helpful – that’s made all the difference to us.”

– Neal and Karen N., DLP Investors Since 2016

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DLP Capital Partners News

DLP Capital Partners Investor Base Continues to Surge

Larry Hickernell, Jr., DLP Capital Partners Senior Investor Success Manager says, “We are thrilled to have recently welcomed so many new investors to our DLP family. With new investment opportunities in our Funds and Fixed Note options, we continue consistent and steady growth in our multi-family and lending strategies. We are happy to get to know so many fantastic people and have the opportunity to provide them with great returns to help them achieve their life goals.”

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DLP Capital Partners Grows Investor Base at Bethlehem Dinner Event

On Thursday, July 19th, DLP Capital Partners welcomed 219 guests at our latest investor dinner event, held at Blue Grillhouse in Bethlehem. More than 100 of our current investors enjoyed a pre-dinner happy hour with CEO Don Wenner and additional team members from DLP Capital Partners. Over 70 prospective investors then joined the group for dinner while listening to Don’s presentation on current and exciting new investment opportunities along with the many benefits and rewards from choosing to invest with DLP Capital Partners.

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Recession-Proof Investing with Multi-Family Real Estate

There is a way to invest your hard-earned money without the volatility and risk; investing in multi-family Class B & C properties. Also nicknamed “workforce housing,” these properties offer affordable housing options to hardworking people who want a solid and safe place to call home for themselves and their families.

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