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DLP Capital Partners Investor Base Continues to Surge

Larry Hickernell, Jr., DLP Capital Partners Senior Investor Success Manager says, “We are thrilled to have recently welcomed so many new investors to our DLP family. With new investment opportunities in our Funds and Fixed Note options, we continue consistent and steady growth in our multi-family and lending strategies. We are happy to get to know so many fantastic people and have the opportunity to provide them with great returns to help them achieve their life goals.”

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DLP Capital Partners Grows Investor Base at Bethlehem Dinner Event

On Thursday, July 19th, DLP Capital Partners welcomed 219 guests at our latest investor dinner event, held at Blue Grillhouse in Bethlehem. More than 100 of our current investors enjoyed a pre-dinner happy hour with CEO Don Wenner and additional team members from DLP Capital Partners. Over 70 prospective investors then joined the group for dinner while listening to Don’s presentation on current and exciting new investment opportunities along with the many benefits and rewards from choosing to invest with DLP Capital Partners.

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Recession-Proof Investing with Multi-Family Real Estate

There is a way to invest your hard-earned money without the volatility and risk; investing in multi-family Class B & C properties. Also nicknamed “workforce housing,” these properties offer affordable housing options to hardworking people who want a solid and safe place to call home for themselves and their families.

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Investor Success Story: Ready to Retire Thanks to Investing with DLP

George comments, “I don’t think I would have been able to retire if it hadn’t been for DLP. I’m confident that not only will my nest egg outlive me, but my children will benefit as well.”
George continues, “What I like best about investing with DLP are the interest rates. There are no hidden fees or takeaways, you get exactly the percentage that Don says you will receive.”

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