DLP Capital Partners kicked off 2019 in a big way, welcoming 88 guests at our January 17th informational dinner at The Palencia Club in St. Augustine, Florida.

Both current and prospective investors enjoyed complimentary dinner and drinks while learning about current and exciting new investment opportunities.

“This event was the best attended and most engaging since we began hosting events in Florida,” commented Larry J. Hickernell Jr., Senior Investment Success Manager. “With a great mixture of current and prospective investors, we enjoyed a lively discussion, great questions, and an incredible response from individuals and couples wanting to meet in person for a more personalized discussion. We are looking forward to welcoming many of our prospective investors to the DLP family within the next couple of weeks, and we look forward to our continued and consistent growth in the Florida/Southeast Georgia areas.”

Charles “Bud” Burzynski, a 6-year DLP investor, shared with guests, “I’ve studied real estate for 30 years and my wife is a Realtor. Every time Don says he’s going to do something, he does it. If you’re waiting, just do it. We feel very very secure and love our returns.”

If you missed the event, we’ve included the video for you.

You might want to check out these highlights:

  • 1:35 Two Keys to Successful Investing
    • Strategy
    • Ability to Execute on That Strategy
  • 2:15 Our Investment Strategies
    • Direct Lending to Investors
    • Buying Real Estate Directly
  • 2:46 DLP Vertically Operated
  • 3:47 Two Ways to Invest
    • Fixed Return Investor – 6 to 9% Fixed Returns
    • Partner (Equity Investor) – 11% Returns
  • 4:20 Additional Reasons to Invest
  • 5:12 Our Principles/Our Results
  • 7:32 More About US
    • Snapshot
    • 2025 Targets
    • Where We Do Business
  • 18:16 Our Investor Portal (Transparency)
  • 19:08 Hear Testimony From 6-Year Investor Bud B.
  • 22:33 Investment Strategy No. 1 Direct Lending
    • Overview
    • Examples
    • Value Proposition
    • Risk Mitigation
  • Our Reputation
    • How much do people put down on a home purchase?
    • Our Typical Sample Loan
  • 35:00 Investment Strategy No. 2, Multifamily Investing
    • Class B Apartment Properties
    • Risk Mitigation
    • How We Add Value
    • Why We Invest in Class B
  • 42:10 DLP Preferred Returns Equity Fund Overview
  • 44:18 Learn More About the DLP Inner Circle
  • 47:28 Interesting and Informative Q & A

As always, the event wrapped up with the announcement of two lucky prize winners from the evening’s raffle. Congratulations to current investor Nolan G., and prospective investor. Pat C.; both won a weekend getaway stay at one of our luxury vacation properties located on beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia.

To learn more about Investing opportunities with DLP Capital Partners and how you can attend future dinner events, please contact:
Larry J. Hickernell, Jr. –


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