About DLP Capital Partners

DLP Capital Partners is a private investment group designed to produce consistent, high-yield returns while providing liquidity and security to its investors. We have leveraged the holistic resources of the DLP family of companies, many years of experience and hundreds of successful investments in the distressed residential; multi-family, and commercial real estate space and we offer some of the most attractive investment options, not only in the real estate industry but in the larger alternative investment spectrum. We focus on income-producing real estate backed debt and equity investments.

Our Structure – Mutually Supportive Companies

DLP Capital Partners and Direct Lending Partners, LLC (the loan origination and servicing arm of DLP Capital Partners), divisions of the DLP family of Companies, were created to address two distinct needs:

  1. Provide a capital source for DLP Capital Partners and for seasoned real estate investors who have the knowledge, experience, and resources to capitalize on residential, income producing, distressed real estate opportunities. These investment opportunities often demand quick, decisive action and typically are only available to cash buyers who do not need to rely on conventional bank financing. Today’s real estate market opportunities are substantial for both DLP Capital Partners’ investors and others who have access to capital and are able to execute.
  2. Generate consistent high-yield investor returns while providing liquidity and security. Bank interest rates are at historically low levels, making it nearly impossible to obtain reasonable yields. Even bonds, which traditionally pay higher interest rates than banks, remain at low levels, fueling the demand for an alternative investment strategy.

Our Structure – Various Investment Fund Options

With a focus on providing capital and generating highly competitive returns, the DLP Lending Fund, DLP Income & Growth Fund, and DLP Equity Fund II embody what DLP Capital Partners was built to provide, now and years into the future. Investors have the option to participate as either noteholders, receiving a fixed high-yield return – or, as members receiving preferred equity returns, in addition to consistent distributions and liquidity.

At DLP Capital Partners, we’re confident deal flow opportunities and demand for these high-yield alternative investment vehicles will continue to grow.

How Everything Works Together

DLP Capital Partners provides investment funds that deliver consistent high-yield returns to investors.

Direct Lending Partners provides short-term acquisition and renovation financing for real estate investors to improve distressed assets and who subsequently secure permanent financing.

DLP Acquisitions finds distressed assets, adds value through capital investment and generates target returns.

DLP Builders renovates distressed properties that have been acquired by DLP Capital Partners
affiliates, enabling them to be sold for profit or retained as strong rental properties.

DLP Realty has significant brand visibility, is a referral network for all DLP Companies and leverages programs including Guaranteed Sale Program and Trade Up Program, for example, to build our client’s confidence. It is also able to efficiently source assets for the various investor funds.

DLP Property Management maximizes the rental portfolio through strong management and leasing, improves efficiency and maximizes both short and long-term profitability.

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