About DLP Capital Partners

DLP Capital Partners is a private investment group designed to produce consistent, high-yield returns while providing liquidity and security to its investors. We leverage the holistic resources of the DLP family of companies, provide years of countless experience, and have hundreds of successful investments in the distressed and value-add residential and multi-family real estate space. We offer some of the most attractive investment options, not only in the real estate industry, but in the broader alternative investment spectrum as well. We focus on income-producing real estate-backed debt and equity investments.

Our Purpose

The overall DLP Purpose is “Dream. Live. Prosper. – Passionately Creating Prosperity through Real Estate.”

DLP Capital Partners puts this purpose into action by focusing on connecting capital with real estate opportunities.

Our Strategy: DLP Capital Partners’ provides income-generating solutions for both active and passive real estate investors through our holistic, housing-focused strategy. By combining economy-resistant equity investments in Class B multi-family housing and short-term direct lending to seasoned real estate investors, our funds offer the unsurpassed risk mitigation, superior returns, and liquidity that will enable you to protect and grow your wealth.

How Everything Works Together

DLP Capital Partners provides investment funds that deliver consistent high-yield returns to investors.
DLP Lending provides short-term acquisition and renovation financing for real estate investors to improve distressed assets and who subsequently, secure permanent financing.

DLP Realty has a significant referral network for all DLP Companies and leverages programs including the Guaranteed Sale Program and the Immediate Buy-out Program to generate considerable acquisition volume. DLP Realty’s ability to sell real estate more efficiently than any other real estate brokerage creates an increased level of liquidity to DLP’s assets. Lastly, the vast volume of sales and access to real estate market data gives DLP a strong sense of the pulse and direction of the market.

DLP Real Estate Management maximizes the rental portfolio through quality redevelopment and strong management and leasing, driving up revenue and controlling expenses. DLP Real Estate Management provides an alignment of interest between investors, managing and generating significantly higher performance than leading management companies throughout the US. DLP Real Estate Management utilizes some of the most advanced forward-thinking practices in the industry to produce significant results.

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