DLP Capital Partners and our affiliates are always looking to acquire properties that fit into our investment strategy. If you have a property to sell and would like a buyer who can act quickly, purchase with no contingencies or delays, we may be the buyer you are looking for.

Acquisition Criteria:

Property Type: We focus primarily on income-producing multi-family properties.

Multi-Family Asset Class: B & C 200+ Units

Investment Type: Value-Add

Price Range: $10,000,000-$50,000,000

Number of Units: 100-400

Markets: Southeast, Northeast, & Midwest U.S.

Primary Focus: AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, PA, SC, and VA

Acquisition Cap Rate: 5%+

Pro-Forma Cap Rate: 8%+

Cash-on-Cash at Pro-Forma: 12%+

Leverage: 65-80%

Hold Period: 3+ Years

IRR Based on 5-7 Year Hold: 8%+

Existing Occupancy: 0-100%

Capital Improvement: $1-15k+ per unit

In addition, DLP will purchase other distressed and value-add opportunities including single family homes; commercial assets and land.

Acquisition of Turn Key Income Producing Opportunities

Are you interested in acquiring income-producing properties personally, but do not want to deal with headaches and work of finding the investments, negotiating the best deals, renovating the property, getting it rented, etc. but instead would like to purchase turn-key fully rented and renovated low maintenance income-producing properties?

DLP Capital Partners works with select investors to handle all the work of acquiring distressed properties, renovating and renting the property. We will turn the property over to you already producing income and ready to be able to take to a bank for leverage immediately if you so choose. We can continue to provide full-service property management for the property as well if you choose.

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