DLP Investors Help Spread the Word, Opening a New Market in Atlanta, GA

by Jenn LoConte

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, DLP Capital Partners, with the help of current DLP investors, entered a new market – Atlanta, GA, where they welcomed 80 guests to the Dunwoody Country Club in Atlanta, GA. Family and friends, the majority of which were prospective investors, gathered for dinner and drinks, while learning more about the DLP story and unique investment opportunities the company offers.  

Patrick O’Donnell, DLP Chief Experience Officer, who grew up in Dunwoody and is also a DLP  investor, welcomed the attendees. Patrick explained how he not only joined the DLP team but also became an investor himself and shortly after, his parents Pat and Leanne O’Donnell, became investors, too. Patrick said, “When I first discovered DLP and the company’s core values: Grit, Living Fully, Driven for Greatness, Leadership, etc., I realized those were the ones I’ve always lived by. After joining the team, I took a closer look at DLP Capital Partners and the solid returns offered through their low-risk investment opportunities. Not only did I invest, but I also told my parents about the opportunity and they invested, as well.”

The family continued to spread the word about investing with DLP Capital Partners and what started as sharing an investment opportunity with a few friends turned into an informational dinner event, similar to those held in Bethlehem, PA; St. Augustine, FL; and Asheville, NC. 

Don Wenner, Founder and CEO, was thrilled to be in Atlanta, a new market for DLP, to share the DLP story. He also presented invaluable information on the inner workings of the DLP Real Estate Capital family of companies and what makes them so successful, the properties that DLP invests in and why, current and future fund offerings, performance projections, and more. Don said, “This is a first for me. Typically, when we have a dinner event, half the room is filled with existing investors. We are extremely appreciative to Leann and Pat hosting us here in Dunwoody and look forward to getting to know the Atlanta market.”

The couple commented on what investing with DLP means to them. Pat said, “DLP makes the process simple. It’s a great alternative to the stock market and I’m much more confident in these returns vs. the general market. Plus, you earn high-yield returns while protecting your earnings from taxation. We wanted to be able to share this opportunity with our friends.” 

Leann added, “The people at DLP are all wonderful and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone.” 

As always, one lucky raffle winner was selected at random, (Cheryl S.), who won an extended weekend stay at one of two private DLP vacation properties in Asheville, NC and St. Simons Island, GA. 

For individuals who are investing with DLP Capital Partners, if you’ve been telling family and friends about your low-risk investing and solid returns, invite them to our next dinner event or contact us directly to schedule a one-on-one meeting to learn more. To register for our next event, visit https://dlpcapitalpartners.com/investor-dinner-2/

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