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DLP Capital Partners Loan Investment Case Study:

Loan Amount:  $115,000

Value:  $205,000

Loan to Value:  56.10%

Loan to Cost:  72.76%

Borrower Credit Score:  800

Borrower Experience Level: The Borrower is an experienced real estate investor that completed three real estate flips so far in 2016. The average profit per flip was $38k.

Borrower Net Worth:  $1,874,000 (including $427,000 in liquid securities)

Interest Rate: 13.20%

Length of Loan:  6 months

Result of Loan:  The property was successfully renovated and is listed for sale. Only three and a half months have passed from the time the loan was approved to the property being fully renovated a listed for re-sale.  The property is listed for sale at a $15k premium to the appraised value, which coincides with the current market comps.

DLP Capital Partners Loan Investment Case Study:

Loan Amount:  $315,000

Value:  $825,000

Loan to Value:  38.18%

Loan to Cost:  68%

Borrower Credit Score:  787

Borrower Experience Level:  The Borrower is a full service real estate company in the Philadelphia area. The Borrower specializes in assisting customers with buying, selling, and renting investment real estate.

Borrower Net Worth:  $3,762,000

Interest Rate: 14.99%

Length of Loan:  6 months

Result of Loan:  The property was successfully renovated and listed for sale.  Upon listing, the property was quickly sold at a sales price of $875,000 (a $50,000 increase over the appraised ARV).  The loan was then paid off, before the maturity date of the 6 month term.

DLP Capital Partners Equity Investment Case Study:

Property:  Kensington Cottages

Location:  Orlando, Florida

Units:  170 Units

Description: Located within 9 miles of Downtown Orlando, which is home to Universal Studios, Amway Center, and many government offices.  Orlando is one of the top performing apartment markets in the country.  For Q3 2015, Orlando recorded average occupancy of 95.7% and average rents of $1,070, which represents a 5.1% increase in rents year over year.  According to MPF Research, Central Florida is projected to experience as much as 5% growth in rent each year for the next 3 years.

Purchase Price:  $7,345,000

Equity Investment:  $2,000,000

Unit Breakdown:

 Unit Breakdown

Financial Overview:

Kensington Financials

Cash on Cash Return (Year 1):  12.48%, net to investors

Five Year Project Return:  29.93%, net to investors

Investor Diversifying Portfolio

Investment Background/History/Other Investments: Ray is an experienced investor who holds brokerage accounts with Morgan Stanley and a couple other well-known wealth managers. He owns a large portfolio of commercial real estate and runs a thriving business.

Investors Goals: Ray’s goal was initially to diversify his portfolio and place money that he previously had allocated to bonds and CDS and was just tired of the low returns.

Investment Selection: Ray initially invested into our previous “fixed fund” in order to be able to see substantial, fixed and predictable growth. When Ray was presented with the DLP Equity Fund I, he pulled funds from his brokerage account to invest into this fund. Ray has also done multiple other “one-off” investments with Don and DLP Capital Partners as well.

Working with Don and DLP Capital Partners has been amazing. These guys are truly in touch with what is going on in the real estate market and offer the ability to tap into opportunities that otherwise just would not be available to me or most investors. I highly recommend DLP Capital Partners to anyone looking to diversify their portfolio or tired of low returns on their money. I am now allocating as much money as I can to DLP Capital as these are simply the best investment options I have seen.


Retired Investor

Investment Background/History/Other Investments: When we met Bill, he had a long track record of investing in the stock market.  Bill is now retired, and is too nervous with the instability of the stock market, so he pulled most of his money out of the market and was primarily invested in CDs and money market accounts. Bill also had a significant IRA account invested into mutual funds.

Investor’s Goals: To earn reasonable and secure returns on his funds, including both generation of monthly income and continued portfolio growth.

Investment Selection: Bill invested equally into the Fixed Fund I by replacing funds that were previously in very low yield CDs in order to get the benefits of a consistent high yield monthly interest check. Bill also moved his IRA into a self-directed account and invested it into the Equity Fund I in order to generate significant projected growth of his portfolio/retirement account. Bill is also in the process of diversifying additional capital currently invested in CDs to the DLP Lending Fund as the CDs mature.

I had been hearing Don and DLP on the radio for years and always wondered how were they able to do what they do. When I met with Don and saw these incredible investment opportunities, I did not waste any time. I was tired of the traditional investment options, and I just wish I had found out about these investment funds sooner. I am so pleased with my investments that I have referred family and friends to Don as well.


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