Made Easy with DLP Capital Partners

Steve and Paula S. were well-versed in the investing world. Whether putting their money in the stock market (for the last 30 years), or owning and managing their own local rental properties (11 years), they knew the ins and outs. 

In Their Circle

A few years ago, Steve, an avid listener of Bobby Gunther Walsh’s radio program on AM790 heard Don Wenner’s commercials on investment opportunities with DLP Capital Partners. After hearing about high yields, he was interested to learn more. Steve went to the company website and saw an investor’s testimonial who turned out to be a former coworker. Several months later, he and Paula saw that same individual in their church parking lot. After the couple raved about investing with DLP Capital Partners, Steve and Paula decided to take the next step and make an appointment. 

Another coincidence. After meeting with Investor Success Manager Robert Schimeneck, the couple realized ‘Coach Bob’ had been their son’s baseball coach years prior. They decided to attend the next informational dinner event, held in the Lehigh Valley. While there, Steve recognized his former boss from when he was a teenager and at a later dinner they encountered their family physician. During Don’s presentation, Steve was reminded of his grandmother’s long time advice, “Never lose your principal,” which is also Don’s mantra. Shortly after that dinner event, Steve and Paula signed up and became investors.

Not only are they investors, the couple has recently joined the DLP Capital Partners Inner Circle and are getting ready to attend the next retreat in Asheville, NC in October.

The couple loves attending as many informational dinners as they can. Steve comments, “I learn new things at every dinner event and love being informed of what’s coming next as well as hearing from other investors.  Originally, I would have loved to expand my own property rentals to the larger 200-unit communities, but that takes building a management team and requires a lot of time, neither of which I have. But as a smaller investor with DLP, I now have that opportunity to invest on a larger scale.” 

They also love the fact that current investors are always included in these events. He continues, “Some investment companies only invite new investors or prospects. With DLP, you’re always welcome and encouraged to attend.” 

Transparency and Communication

Steve and Paula are extremely impressed with the transparency of the company. Paula commented, “It’s nice to see where your money is going. These are actual properties and there’s no wondering where your investment is ending up.” 

Both are extremely impressed with how well Don and the rest of the team communicates with investors and their ability to be readily available. They always have the option to stop by the office, send an email, or make a phone call knowing that they are paid attention to and taken care of by DLP team members. 

Schimeneck comments, “Steve and Paula are exceptional people. In addition to being knowledgeable and great partners with us, they are one of our biggest advocates! We look forward to a tremendously prosperous future working together. We appreciate them and all they do!”

The Importance of Planning

Planning for their families’ future is paramount to Steve and Paula. With two children, ages 4 and 14, saving for Catholic school, college, and beyond is not optional. With Steve, (a college professor) hoping to retire in about 10 years, the couple is thankful to be able to reinvest their returns. Currently, the couple has invested in the Income & Growth fund as well as the Preferred Equity Fund. Steve comments, “I like Don’s philosophy around the importance of planning. Now, we can plan for our family’s needs well in advance including charity organizations that we like to donate towards. The stock market can’t do that – one day it’s up. The next it’s down.” 

Freed from the Stock Market

Steve and Paula have invested the majority of their money into DLP, no longer worrying about the volatility of the stock market. Steve loves this avenue of investing in real estate, without the work and time commitment. The great returns are what attracted him in the first place. Steve comments, “I was in mutual funds but in the last few years, I haven’t seen an increase in capital gains, for example, that would make a decent return. When I found DLP, this was the kind of company I was looking for. I loved what I saw.”

Since becoming investors, Steve and Paula recommend the company to everyone they know, including Steve’s parents who are now investors, too. Investing with DLP Capital Partners makes them feel confident, safe, and secure in the future of their families financial success.

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