DLP Capital Partners continues to pack the house at our informational dinner events. Our latest Southeastern get together was held on April 4th at The Palencia Club in St. Augustine, Florida. Don Wenner, CEO and dedicated DLP team members welcomed over 80 guests, including both current and prospective investors.  Attendees enjoyed complimentary dinner and drinks while learning about current and exciting new investment opportunities.

“Our most recent event at the Palencia Club was another resounding success,” commented Larry Hickernell, Jr., Senior Investor Success Manager. “The fantastic mix of current and prospective investors, team members, and other key strategic partners created an exciting atmosphere with positive interactions and excellent questions which laid the groundwork for welcoming many new investors to the DLP family.”

Oren Segev, founder and CEO of Brite Group Homes, along with several of his guests, attended the event. As an example of our integrated business philosophy, Hicknernell continued, “Through DLP Lending, we have partnered with Oren and Brite Homes to build energy-efficient homes in Central Florida. By continuing to raise capital into both the lending and multi-family strategies, we can continue to develop existing relationships such as these, with a growing number of new strategic partners.”

If you missed the dinner, you can watch it here. Be sure to check out our schedule of upcoming dinner events and make your reservation. And, to learn more about exciting profitable passive Investing opportunities with DLP Capital Partners, please contact: Larry J. Hickernell, Jr. – LHickernell@dlpcapitalpartners.com or 904-289-3765.

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