The Dream Live Prosper family of companies welcomes Michael Knehans as the Director of Business Development for DLP Capital Partners. With 17 years of experience and knowledge as an RIA and wealth management advisor, Mike is considered a veteran in the world of financial services.

DLP Capital Partners continues its focus on providing excellent returns, with little to no volatility, and zero losses. In order to offer these types of investments to more investors, DLP has been building relationships with wealth management firms and family offices around the U.S. Don Wenner, CEO, commented, “Mike has tremendous experience as a wealth manager and understands how our unique fund and investment offerings can provide consistent returns of 8-13% annually with no losses; and in turn, provide these investments to high net worth investors to further broaden our reach and partner network well into the future.”

Mike, his wife Wendy, and their eight children (ranging in ages from 6 months to 18 years), have lived in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for the past five years. Originally from Missouri, they grew tired of the cold winters and moved to the east coast to be close to the beach. Mike said, “After getting to know Don and learning more about his forward-thinking approach to business and his long-term goals, I knew it was the perfect opportunity and time to join the DLP team.” Mike looks forward to meeting current and prospective investors at the next DLP investment dinners to be held this summer, in both FL and PA.

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