DLP Capital Partners introduces its newest fund, the DLP Housing Fund, a $1 billion open-ended “evergreen” private real estate investment opportunity with a REIT subsidiary.  As the company’s eighth investment fund, the DLP Housing Fund will allow for key benefits including the maximization of (1) liquidity, (2) monthly distributions, (3) a tax-advantaged evergreen hybrid REIT fund structure, and (4) Targeted 12%+ equity returns – all leveraging DLP’s proven direct residential real estate lending and equity strategies.

Don Wenner, CEO and President of DLP Capital Partners comments, “Our investors have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to invest in this type of hybrid fund. A fund that provides all the benefits for both our lending funds and previous equity funds together, in one fund.  A fund that provides tax shelter, 12%+ equity level returns, liquidity, and monthly distributions. “  

Additional highlights include:

  • Open-ended, private real estate investment fund that enables the manager to acquire longer hold assets designed to provide greater returns to investors 
  • Industry-first “hybrid” structure combines Multi-Family Investment and Direct Lending strategies into one single fund
  • Annual valuation of DLP Housing Fund assets allows for consistent growth and the ability to invest based on the most current value of Fund and assets
  • Annual redemptions provide the ability to exit/redeem in whole or in part based on investor’s timing without long-term lockout or forced wind-down of Fund

Richard Delgado, DLP Capital Partners Managing Director adds, “We have a proven track record of exceeding our double-digit targeted returns in every period for all of our funds without any losses ever, elevating DLP Capital Partners as a top-performing fund manager. Investors are enthusiastic about the opportunity to invest in our flagship hybrid Housing Fund.”  DLP Capital Partners is now taking commitments for the DLP Housing Fund, anticipating a launch in January 2020. 


Don’t miss your chance to hear about the New Housing Fund at one of our upcoming investment dinners!

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