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DLP Capital Partners has just reached a record 1,000 investors, accomplishing the investment company’s goal prior to the end of the third quarter for 2020. DLP Capital Partners is one of six vertically-integrated companies under DLP Real Estate Capital, founded by entrepreneur and CEO Don Wenner, and is a leader in the single and multi-family real estate sectors of brokerage, investment management, asset management, property management, construction, and private lending.

DLP Capital Partners was first established in 2013, opening with less than 50 investors and its first investment fund, the DLP Equity Fund I LLC, providing investors with the option to invest in distressed real estate as passive equity investors. That year, DLP Realty sold 660 homes and purchased over 150 homes. Additionally, DLP had successfully expanded its portfolio with extensive acquisitions, including commercial and multi-family properties located in 19 states.

Wenner commented, “When I started DLP Capital Partners almost eight years ago, I wanted to offer investors a place to earn reliable, consistent returns and the option of receiving income each month without the worry of market volatility. We have delivered each and every year, consistently providing double-digit returns, with the option of monthly income, and no losses or period of underperformance in any of our funds. As we have built up our portfolio of assets now to over $1 billion, we have tremendous stability, diversification, and an excellent foundation thanks to the 1,000 investors who have entrusted their wealth to us. We treat our investors as family, and we look forward to continuing our service to these families for many years to come. We will continue to add more of these incredible people we are fortunate to call our investors and partners.”

Currently, DLP Real Estate Capital currently owns 45 multi-family residential communities across 19 states throughout the country. Last month, the company reached another goal, surpassing $1 billion in assets under management. The company prefers to invest in class B ‘workforce’ housing for its affordability, lack of this type of asset currently being built in lieu of luxury housing, and higher demand from individuals, families, and recently – the now retiring baby boomers. Read more from Wenner on this type of lucrative real estate investment in his recent Forbes article.

Larry Hickernell, Jr., Senior Investor Success Manager commented, “We are incredibly honored to have the opportunity to work with over 1,000 families who entrust us with their hard-earned savings. Two of our core values, Stewardship and Delivering WOW, guide us, and always keeps our focus on each and every investor. Even as we continue to grow, we will always keep the focus of helping one family at a time by providing consistent returns with no losses, all with an unmatched investor experience.”

Since 2013, DLP Capital Partners has owned a variety of investment opportunities; currently, there are three funds for accredited investors to select from: the DLP Lending Fund, the DLP Positive Note Fund, and this past year, the company launched the DLP Housing Fund, a $1 billion evergreen REIT flagship fund. This asked-for fund invests specifically in 5,000 existing DLP-owned apartments ($250 million in assets) with the benefit of exiting the fund at the investor’s choice, with a targeted annual net return of 12%.

To learn more about the company’s operational plan and investment strategy, Wenner hosts monthly live webinars and well-attended investment dinners (live and virtual) in Bethlehem, PA; St. Augustine, FL; and Asheville, NC.

Additionally, DLP Capital Partners recently launched Prosperity, a family wealth and legacy membership focused on trust and real estate planning, protecting and preserving family wealth, and industry-leading tax planning and optimization.

To learn more about DLP Capital Partners and all of our companies visit DLP Real Estate Capital.

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