Investors seeking returns of 17%+ and tax shelter benefits must act soon.

One of DLP Capital Partners’ most popular and highest performing Funds, DLP Equity Fund II, will be closing its doors to new investors on March 31, 2018.

DLP Equity Fund II is designed to provide 17% annual returns net to investors, while providing liquidity and quarterly distributions.The Fund also has a 10-year investing perspective, focused on generating double-digit asset level cash flow, increasing asset value and providing a tax shelter to investors.


Investors who are interested in getting in before the final deadline should contact one of DLP Capital Partners’ Investor Success Managers as soon as possible for a free one-on-one consultation.


How Does DLP Equity Fund II Generate Consistent High-Yield Returns?

DLP Equity Fund II purchases class B and C apartment communities and increases their value through physical and management improvements. We then maximize the income potential of these properties through DLP’s strong in-house property management.

How Does DLP Equity Fund II Minimize Risk to Investors?

DLP Capital Partners mitigates risk to investors by purchasing properties in areas with strong employment, and positive population trends. We also focus on locking in long-term debt, which prevents investors from being exposed to any changes in interest rates.

Why Multi-Family Real Estate?

Let’s face the facts.. we’re living in an era with a more transient society. Many people are starting their home ownership process later on in their life, leading to a decline in home ownership and an increase in rentership.

DLP Capital Partners is taking advantage of this growing demand for affordable housing by investing in affordable multi-family apartment communities. Average rent on newer housing is more than double of what DLP is offering to tenants. Since 2010, over 7 million new housing units have been built In the US, none of which meet the increasing demand for affordable housing.


Act Now!

This is your last chance to take advantage of this opportunity before our deadline (March 31st). Contact us today and get an immediate response from an Investment Success Manager.


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