First In-Person Event held since Covid-19 Pandemic

Recently, DLP Capital Partners and DLP Lending teamed up to host an amazing four-day event full of informative, strategy-focused real estate investment sessions with current investors and borrowers.

The four day weekend kicked off at The Capital Club in Asheville, NC where DLP Founder and CEO Don Wenner hosted an intimate Real Estate Investment Roundtable, which was the company’s first in-person event since stay-at-home orders were lifted. For those unable to attend, DLP’s hard-working IT and A/V teams worked together to ensure they live-streamed the entire event for participants who chose to attend virtually from the comfort of their own home. 

Don began the roundtable with a brief synopsis on all of DLP’s vertically integrated companies that operate under the DLP Real Estate Capital umbrella. (DLP Capital Partners, DLP Lending, DLP Realty, DLP Real Estate Management, Alliance Servicing, and Alliance Property Transfer).

Throughout the evening, a wide array of topics were covered, including:

  • How we mitigate risk 
  • Where we lend 
  • Before-and-After case studies
  • Investment strategies and the DLP portfolio 
  • DLP’s in-depth due diligence
  • Our high-performing track record of zero losses and double-digit returns
  • Investor growth (from 33 investors in 2013 to 900+ in 2020) 
  • Investment fund opportunities: the DLP Housing Fund (a $1B evergreen hybrid REIT), the Lending fund, and the Positive Note fund

To close out the event, Wenner then introduced an incredible panel of guests at the roundtable. They included Plamen “Rocco” Ayvazov of Monocacy General Contracting in Bethlehem, PA; Jim Sheils of S.I. Homes and JaxWealth Investments; Chris Funk of S.I. Homes and JaxWealth Investments; and Tie Lasater of Key City Capital in Southlake, TX.

The panelists immediately jumped right in and began fielding questions from the live audience as well as from those attending online, which made for a great discussion. 

Following the investor roundtable, DLP Lending hosted a weekend-long Elite Partners event, also held in Asheville, NC, with a focus on strategizing, scaling, and successfully growing your own real estate investments. 

Please click here to watch the event recap.

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