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Employee Spotlight – Richard Delgado

Managing Director, DLP Capital Partners Richard Delgado is an expert when it comes to financial negotiations. Truly a relationship and numbers guy, he’s been involved in the mortgage industry for 25+ years, mainly as a Senior Vice President and Treasurer for two of...

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What Are the Risks of Investing in Multifamily Real Estate?

3 Risks of Investing in Multifamily Real Estate Multi-family real estate can be a great asset class to add diversification to your strategy and stability during economic downturns. However, as all investments go, there are a few types of risk you need to consider....

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DLP Capital Partners Investor Base Continues to Surge

Larry Hickernell, Jr., DLP Capital Partners Senior Investor Success Manager says, “We are thrilled to have recently welcomed so many new investors to our DLP family. With new investment opportunities in our Funds and Fixed Note options, we continue consistent and steady growth in our multi-family and lending strategies. We are happy to get to know so many fantastic people and have the opportunity to provide them with great returns to help them achieve their life goals.”

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Meet Optimistic Fund Accountant, Monika Zareba

When it comes down to optimism creating opportunities, Monika leads by example. Her motto is seeing the beauty in all things and trying to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Originally from Poland, Monika moved to New York at 20 years old.

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