Managing Director, DLP Capital Partners

Richard Delgado is an expert when it comes to financial negotiations. Truly a relationship and numbers guy, he’s been involved in the mortgage industry for 25+ years, mainly as a Senior Vice President and Treasurer for two of the nation’s largest home loan servicing companies. He’s spent most of his career on the structured finance side, managing $7+ billion in diversified warehousing debt and many multiples of that in securitizations. Richard says, “I’ve securitized all kinds of assets and helped companies grow significantly to where they’ve become major contenders.”

What’s his secret? It’s one of DLP’s core values – Grit. Richard says, “Grit for sure. When I look at that word, it’s all about what I’m made out of. I’m persistent and determined in all areas of my life in order to achieve and succeed.”  

Q&A with Richard

What attracted you to DLP Real Estate Capital?

First and foremost, if was the culture of the company. When I first met Don, I was immediately interested in learning more about his background, the company, and where he sees growth in this industry. We discussed how I could add value by joining the team at DLP and here I am, less than two months later, a fully engaged team member and the first Managing Director of Capital Partners. We are at an inflection point now where DLP is poised to grow significantly, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

What are your greatest accomplishments?

I have always been known as an individual who gets things done. One of my greatest professional accomplishments was the successful sale of a German bank at a previous employer. I was tapped on the shoulder to lead several of the processes and disposed of many high risk assets that the company no longer wanted. I sold all of these assets which resulted in nice gains compared to the losses expected by the company.


Personally, I take great pleasure in doing charity work, I always have. I volunteer with my church parish and the Knights of Columbus. I’ve been a board member for Friends of Foster Children of Palm Beach County for 15 years and I’m on the Executive Committee for the American Heart Association. I have a personal connection with the AHA as my nephew needed a quadruple bypass at age 14. Thankfully, due to research and modern advancements that the AHA provides, he’s made a 100% recovery and is now enrolled in college and playing baseball. I’ve raised $120,000+ for the organization over the past 13 years and continue to do so. Here’s my link to learn more about why I’m involved and how you can help.  

What do you do when you’re not negotiating, building portfolios and volunteering?

I’m a husband and father of four children, ages 4 to 19. In my spare time, it’s all about spending time with my family. I love to golf and fish, but attending my kids’ many activities (swimming, gymnastics, and ballet) comes first.  Although, I’ve been CrossFitting for 15 years now, even before it became so popular. On a side note, about nine years ago I won a silver medal in a local CrossFit competition. Keeping fit and living fully are certainly top priorities for me.

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