The King Family

Last year, when four-year-old Alexander wasn’t feeling well, his mother Victoria took him to the doctor. After blood work results showed a drastically high 700 reading, little Alex was rushed to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It took the entire family by surprise as no one had a history of this incurable disease. Alex and his family would now have to learn about living with diabetes, something Alex will have for the rest of his life. Administering insulin would be necessary four to five times per day, every day, seven days a week. It was also a new expense which would cost the family upwards of $1,000/month. 

Alex’s grandparents, Jim and Mona King, immediately stepped in to help. The Kings, who are 2-year investors with DLP Capital Partners, made the decision to use their monthly investment interest earnings to help pay for Alex’s lifesaving insulin. With their principal balance remaining intact, this gift will be consistently ensured to continue well into the future. Jim said, “It was an easy decision. Being able to help our children and grandchildren is just a part of our lives. We’re thankful that we are in a position to be able to pay for his medication.” 

Timber Ranch, one of the cattle ranches owned by the Kings

Jim, originally from Fort Pierce, FL, served in the Army for six years, before starting an insurance company and moving to Germany. He met his wife Mona playing golf on a course in Austria. They were married just five weeks later and have been happily married for 35 years. The couple lived in Germany where they had two children: Hans “Jimo,” a former professional hockey player, now Vice President of InvisaCook and Victoria, a classical singer and voice teacher who at age 6, decided she wanted to be an opera singer. The family even lived in a small town in Saskatchewan for a year so that Jimo could attend a prestigious hockey school. Additionally, the family-owned two separate cattle ranches in Montana and Idaho, one with over 6,000 acres. Mona, who had never ridden a horse before, found herself becoming an avid cowgirl. 

Today, the Kings call St. Augustine, FL home. Jim was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease nine years ago which has limited his love of golf and travel, but he continues to enjoy hunting, fishing, and visiting with family and friends. Alexander, who is now five, can give himself insulin shots with ease. He’s got a 2-year old brother Jonathan to play with, too, who the family is keeping a close eye on for signs of the disease. The Kings are thankful to get to see their grandchildren four to five times per year. 

On investing with DLP Capital Partners, Jim says, “The past two years have been a great experience. We were looking for investment opportunities and Don and Larry do everything they say they will. We feel completely comfortable.” Mona adds, “We don’t want to take big risks, especially now. We are so impressed with Don. He’s a young man who works hard and has great ideas. We like that he genuinely wants to help others, especially with finding affordable housing for hardworking people. He treats his investors like family.”

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