Limited Time Offer: Earn Up to 2% Higher FIXED Rates!

For a very limited time, DLP Capital Partners is increasing its fixed interest rates by as much as 2% for three year commitments.

What does that mean to you? To put it simply, your investment of $500,000, compounded over three years, would normally earn you $128, 723. 07. But invest now, and you will pocket exactly $38,412.23 more over that same period!

(We say exactly because our rates are fixed, and there are NO hidden fees, so what you expect to earn is exactly what you WILL earn… to the penny.)

And that’s just one example! How much you earn is completely up to you, based on how much you invest. Select your rate using the chart below.

Fixed Returns

This offer is only available to new investors and will expire within the next 30 days, or when we bring in $5 million in new investments, whichever comes first.

So contact us today and start planning how you’ll use your extra $38,412.23 (or whatever amount you choose).

Don’t wait. Take advantage of these special fixed rates today.

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