DLP Capital Partners Returns South to St. Augustine, FL

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, DLP Capital Partners welcomed almost 100 attendees to their latest investor informational dinner event, held across the street from the company’s familiar southern headquarters across from The Palencia Club, in St. Augustine, FL.

Guests enjoyed a complimentary dinner and drinks as Don Wenner, CEO DLP Real Estate Capital and President DLP Capital Partners, presented the company’s unique and potentially life-changing investment opportunities, including the properties the company invests in and why as well as current fund offerings, performance, projections, and more. Additionally, Wenner commented on the synergy of all the companies under the DLP Real Estate Capital umbrella, and how they work together to provide solutions and services all under one roof, making the company truly distinctive and customer relationship-focused. 

Don highlighted the DLP Positive Returns Fund, a new fund that offers 6-10% returns with a 90-day to 5-year commitment. The company’s goal is to raise $1 million throughout the next year through donating their 1% management fee to the DLP Positive Returns Foundation which focuses on the epidemic of employment and jobs in the United States. 

Just as DLP Capital Partners performs due diligence on its potential multifamily property opportunities, listening to current investors speak firsthand about their own experiences and perspectives on investing with the company was equally important for potential investors to hear. 

Tom S., a former cabinet maker turned hard money investor, had been a businessman for over twenty years. He was looking for another, more stable, vehicle for investing funds. Since becoming an investor with DLP Capital Partners just over a year ago, Tom has been nothing short of impressed with the company. He says, “My advice is that this type of investing is a great opportunity. Don has been wonderful. Here was the head of a real estate company taking time right off the bat to speak with me. There was no fluff, no used car salesman lingo. Just honesty and transparency. He says it like it is.” 

 Linda S., a DLP investor for about a year and a half, first heard about the company’s investment opportunities by way of a radio ad heard several times by her husband prior to even meeting with Larry J. Hickernell, Senior Investment Success Manager. It took several lengthy discussions between the couple and the company, and a good bit of due diligence until Linda thought she’d give it a try. Linda had a few investments that were only making around 2% and then a -2% which made her eager to try something new. She wanted to have something for her grandchildren, after all. Linda said, “You have to do your due diligence – you’re investing your own money with someone else. I’ve found DLP to be educational, patient, warm, and welcoming. We found the company to fit our needs, entirely.” 

Throughout the event, the audience answered informative and entertaining quiz questions in order for a chance to win an extended weekend stay at one of two private DLP vacation properties, located in Asheville, NC or on St. Simons Island, GA. 

Looking forward to 2020, Don spoke briefly about the company’s upcoming launch of a brand new fund called the DLP Housing Fund. This private REIT will allow for DLP to maximize the Lending and Multi-Family strategies into one Flagship Fund. As a tax election, this REIT will be more tax advantageous, and Investors will continue to enjoy regular, monthly distributions. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!  

If you missed the dinner, you can watch it in its entirety, here. 

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