When making an investment in any company, there are many factors to consider, but do you consider that company’s leadership? You should. Leadership is at the center of any great organization. The only path to building an enduring and successful company is through Elite World-Class Leadership. Developing world-class leadership throughout DLP is our CEO’s top responsibility and focus.

Leadership is defined by results. For our dedicated team, it boils down to leadership as being about influence. By looking at the most successful companies out there, it is clear that good leadership can dramatically increase returns to their customer base. Not only do we spend considerable time developing our own leadership team, we also help our borrowers boost their own leadership team development.

In this webinar, we cover the importance of great leadership, with special consideration given to the way our company manages its leadership strategy. The goal of this webinar is for you to understand the commitment that our team has to leadership, while also covering a few accepted principles in leadership. We encourage all viewers to consider their own skills while we cover our own commitment to these principles.

  • Leadership Defined: (3:38) Setting clear definitions for what a leader is and how we develop them, matters in organizational culture. At DLP, we develop Elite World Class Leaders.
  • 5 Levels of Leadership: (13:32) John Maxwell defines five levels of leadership. We cover the progression through the levels from position to pinnacle leadership.
  • Level 5 Leadership Extended Discussion: (18:30) Special consideration should be given to Level 5 Leadership. Leadership traits can be developed, not discovered. We discuss Jim Collins’ concept of Level 5 leadership from highly capable individuals to executives.
  • Our Core Values: (20:24) At DLP, we have nine core values,
    including the most recent addition to the value system, “humble confidence.”
  • Seven Factors That Influence and Cornerstones: (25:40) There are seven factors that influence. From character to experience, effective leaders often are driven by certain influences.
  • Developing Leadership: (27:49) The Three E’s of Leadership Development cover the value of environment (culture), equipping (training), and exposure (leading and example).
  • 16 Leadership Skills: (30:09) Over the years, our CEO has developed his own list of 16 leadership skills that we’ve used and continue to use to build an elite organization.
  • Q&A: (36:26) This covers questions from the audience, including the ever-present issue of hiring versus developing leaders (hint: it comes down to culture and fitting in with the team).

Creating clear definitions about the job of a leader makes all of the difference in reaching your goals. The job of a leader is to make things easy so your team can execute and get the job done. Leaders double as teachers and coaches while providing inspiration to the team.

The Core Values of our business serve as the backbone of our organization, and we seek to constantly improve our leadership skills. A new update to our leadership strategy is to build humble confidence – which is one of our core values and is also a leadership skill.

Our clients should see that we are experts at what we do while understanding our team is humble in their interactions. For example, our team is measured by an internal number called Productivity Per Person (PPP, which is defined as net revenue divided by number of employees). We strive to increase productivity by 28%, which is currently on track for 2019. This is a number the entire team achieves – together.

At DLP, we are building an organization of leaders and not just followers. Because of this goal, we are committed to team member development in order to grow leaders. You’ll notice the leaders on our team take ownership of accounts and their reports. This is because we believe in the philosophy of “right people, right seats” and develop individuals into true leaders.

We are big proponents of leading by example – all of our team members have a track record of their own successes. We strive to become leaders that will be followed because of who they are and what they represent. More than anything, it’s about being passionate.

Ready to up your leadership game? Watch our webinar to see how we practically apply leadership practices in our workplace and how you can do so in yours! Don’t overlook our book recommendations, as they can help you transform your skillset.

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