2007 – 2012

Prior to DLP Capital Partners being formed, Don Wenner managed investor capital by providing an investment vehicle known as private notes to investors. With private notes, investors received the security of their investment through individual notes and mortgages. As Don’s investment business grew, so did the appetite of investors to earn high-yield fixed returns (on average, 9%). Don completed more than 200 private note investments.


In 2013, DLP Capital Advisors (now known as DLP Capital Partners) formed a new fund, DLP Equity Fund I, to provide investors with the option to invest in distressed real estate as passive equity investors. The Fund started purchasing properties in early 2014 and currently owns about 150 properties valued at more than $30M. The fund has a target annual IRR of 22-25% net to investors over a 5-8 year fund term.


DLP Capital Advisors launched two additional funds, the DLP Fixed Fund and the DLP Lending Fund. DLP Fixed Fund provides equity and debt participation options to investors and focuses on lending / investing preferred equity in DLP Capital Advisors affiliated entities. DLP Lending Fund focuses on lending capital to real estate investors not affiliated with DLP Capital Advisors.


All three of DLP Capital Advisors’ investment funds had significant growth through 2015 and excellent returns in the top end of the return projections.


DLP Capital Advisors assets under management more than doubled in 2016. The DLP Income & Growth Fund, our opportunity, and growth fund, was launched. In addition, more than $50M in investments were secured, and DLP Capital Advisors Investment Funds were approved for 90%+ of the major custodial platforms including Charles Schwab, and Fidelity.


The DLP Equity Fund II was launched. This succeeds DLP Equity Fund I and is focused on acquiring, improving, and managing multi-family communities.

In the first half of 2017, DLP Capital has raised more than $25,000,000 in capital and has acquired more than $30,000,000 in real estate assets as well as originating more than $30,000,000 in loans.

DLP Capital Advisors was rebranded under the name DLP Capital Partners.


In early 2018, DLP Capital Partners is introducing a new fund: DLP Positive Fixed Returns Fund, LLC. This Fund is a note offering-only fund focused on providing institutional quality debt investments at a maximum of 60% loan-to-value ratio.

On January 1st, DLP launched the DLP Positive Returns Foundation. This foundation focuses on philanthropic causes, which include providing safe housing for those in need and fostering financially challenged entrepreneurs.

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