When the economy hits rough patches, many investors may question whether or not they’ve invested with an investment company whom they trust to make the right decisions, weather the storm, and do what’s in their best interest. 

The truth is, any form of investment may be susceptible to risks. One way to avoid these risks is by investing in a strategy that is going to make sense for the duration of your investment. Making sure the investment is properly capitalized is also an important factor.

On a macro level, think about what the overall market risk is in terms of the overall economy and how that is going to affect the investment segment. At DLP Real Estate Capital, our largest investment segment is multi-family real estate.

In this webinar, DLP Real Estate Capital founder and CEO Don Wenner covers the risks associated with investing and how we mitigate those risks in real estate investing. 

Check out the webinar here

If you don’t have time to tune into the entire webinar, here are some key points worth checking out:

  • Intro: (0:01) Intro to DLP Real Estate Capital and a snapshot of our investment principles/rules. 
  • Risks: (4:47) Don covers some of the biggest risks that come with making investments. This includes market/strategy risk, asset risk, and manager risk.  
  • Mitigating Risk: (25:28) Information about how we, at DLP Real Estate Capital, mitigate risks of acquisitions, as well as how we mitigate risks for our investors.
  • Preferred Returns Equity Fund (PREF): (29:15) Don walks through how the PREF Fund works. 
  • Q&A: (35:45) Don answers questions from the audience. These range from questions as simple as “what is common equity?”, to more complex topics, such as our investment strategy and why we invest in Class B and C properties. 

At DLP Capital Partners, our investment principles focus on protecting our investors’ capital, while working to generate the highest returns for them. One way we mitigate risk is through locking in our long-term, non-recourse debt. We also mitigate risk through the structure of our clients’ investments such as our Preferred Returns Equity Fund (PREF). And, our investors always benefit from receiving their returns first. 

To learn more information about how you can schedule a one-on-one or follow up with us to learn more about our investment funds, head over to DLPCrowd.com 


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