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DLP Capital Partners Packs the House in New Bethlehem Venue

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, DLP Capital Partners held its largest attended informational dinner to date at ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks, our new Bethlehem venue and a historical landmark.  CEO Don Wenner packed the house with close to 300 attendees, including both...

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Why Cash Flow Is Critical for Investors

By Jenn LoConteEveryone is talking about the current market cycle and when the next downturn will occur. Understanding how important cash flow is when it comes to making smart investment decisions is essential, no matter what the market is doing. Having access to...

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2019 Real Estate Market Outlook

Whether or not the next much anticipated market correction arrives in the coming year, there are several important trends that will emerge in 2019 that will have a huge impact on both single family and multifamily real estate investors. Multifamily properties will...

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How Will You Invest for the Next Market Correction?

You’ve been hearing about the coming of the next market correction for a while now. While everyone is expecting it to happen, we’re simultaneously experiencing the longest growing market in history. “Maybe you think it won’t happen; the economy is just too strong....

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