by Jenn LoConte

For all of his “employment years,” George Gatanis was a hard worker. Always dedicated to his job, he had not even taken one week’s vacation for ten years in a row. In 2001, George was one of four partners who founded Lehigh Valley Engineering, a Bethlehem business specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering. He worked long hours, considering himself married to his job. He enjoyed the work and took pride that his company valued its employees, many of whom worked there upwards of seventeen years.

George had heard stories about others who retired too late in life to actually enjoy those carefree years. He didn’t want to wait until he and his wife Robin were too old to travel or do other things in their golden years. He also knew that he didn’t want to outlive his nest egg, which left him wondering when the right time to retire would be.

George Gatanis speaking with Jenn LoConte of DLP Interactive Media

George first heard about investment opportunities with DLP Capital Partners’ Investments while listening to Bobby Gunther Walsh on Lehigh Valley’s WAEB. Being careful but wanting to learn more about Don Wenner, George and Robin attended not one, but three DLP informational dinners. A short time later, they decided to invest with DLP Capital Partners and, almost two years later, George is thankful they did. On April 13, 2018, George was able to fully retire and both he and Robin are making plans to visit national parks and hopefully travel overseas to his homeland, Greece. They can also spend more time with their daughters, Jennifer age 39 and Susan age 29, (both live locally in the Lehigh Valley.)

George comments, “I don’t think I would have been able to retire if it hadn’t been for DLP. I’m confident that not only will my nest egg outlive me, but my children will benefit as well.”

George continues, “What I like best about investing with DLP are the interest rates. There are no hidden fees or takeaways, you get exactly the percentage that Don says you will receive.”

George adds that he feels confident and often uses the online investor portal to check balances and other information. “And,” he says, “If I have questions or concerns, DLP communicates with me quickly and accurately.”

George is still getting used to his newly found “retirement life.” He and Robin recently became parents to a Chihuahua puppy, named Clyde. At age 62, he’s taken up golf, something he never gave himself the time to do when he was working. George says, “Year after year of work became overwhelming. My advice is to not wait too long to retire so that you still have your health and can fully enjoy all that life has to offer.”

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