Are you missing a big tax benefit because you are not investing in real estate? There are new opportunities on the horizon thanks to tax code changes from the year 2018 and new laws for 2019. At DLP Capital Partners, it is our business to know the ins-and-outs of real estate investing, and as you know, investing in real estate provides many tax benefits as well. While we don’t provide tax advice, we do work with our investors and their trusted advisors to identify the best offerings based on the tax benefits of our funds.  

In this webinar, our CEO Don Wenner covers the basics of how we work to minimize your tax responsibility through smart investment and accounting decisions. Thinking of this another way, it’s about maximizing your benefits through depreciation, making use of 1031 exchanges, and even qualified opportunity zones as a new opportunity for increasing your quarterly checks.

One common way of decreasing your tax liability is through a well-balanced loan amount versus capital and then expensing depreciation from your taxable income. We make this work for our investors and oftentimes, no taxes are owed. 

With the introduction of Qualified Opportunity Zones, it is valuable to work with a company that spends time and effort on solid investments. This complete new and unique tax incentive defers the taxes on gains for ten years, as long as you meet a series of requirements. 

Check out the webinar here:

If you don’t have time to tune into to the entire webinar, here are the times you might want to check out: 


  • Intro to DLP: (0:01) Options for investing and the three funds we offer, the DLP Lending Fund, DLP Income & Growth Fund, and DLP Preferred ReturnsEquity Fund. 
  • DLP Lending Fund: (5:20) Information about our DLP Lending Fund which has assets that are loans, not real estate, but they come with a unique deduction. 
  • DLP Preferred Returns Equity Fund and Depreciation Expenses: (7:55) We explain the usage of the depreciation expense with the DLP Preferred Returns Equity Fund and how it can be used to lower tax responsibility. 
  • 1031 Exchanges: (17:30) This option for property sales and reinvestment also decreases what is owed for the year, but specific rules must be followed. 
  • The Truth About Qualified Opportunity Zones: (19:20) New in 2019, this tax incentive is all about the hype in real estate investing so we take the time to cover the upside and downside to this investment type. 
  • Reporting on Tax: (27:19) – It is important to cover reporting income and the statements that all investors with DLP Capital receive at the end of the year. 
  • Q&A: (30:01) This covers questions from the audience with a really interesting pit stop at our current annualized cash-on-cash return with our DLP Preferred Returns Equity Fund.  

The time has never been better to invest in real estate. With new tax breaks, we can maximize your tax benefits in new ways that will help you realize even higher returns. Unlike other companies, our funds are structured so that our investors receive their return prior to our company’s commission.

DLP Capital Partners cares about solid real estate investments that provide returns year-over-year for our clients. Don’t forget to reach out by July 31 since our Preferred Equity Fund is estimated to increase in valuation!


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