Michael Krawchuk may have only been with DLP Capital Partners for a short time, but he’s quickly becoming accustomed to the vision, culture, and high energy level of a real estate company whose growth continues to skyrocket. With over fifteen years in the financial services industry under his belt, including six years in private banking, Michael brings strong leadership to the team. 

Michael’s favorite core value is DLP’s most recent addition: Humble Confidence. He says, “We must always be open to gathering more knowledge so that we can continue to grow and deepen our experiences throughout life. It allows us to be able to see the entire picture.” Michael includes a quote from Shunryu Suzuki, a Buddhist Monk who said — In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s, there are a few. 

Q&A with Michael

What attracted you to DLP Capital Partners?

What attracted me the most to this organization is both the investment in a thriving company culture and DLP’s use of the latest technology, which is always evolving. I came from the banking sector which is very archaic in regard to technology. There is a lack of general transparency, as well. Clients like to have as much information at their disposal as possible so they can make a more judicious decision and that’s all taking place at DLP. 

Former clients have asked if I know Don and the answer is, “yes.” People are impressed and his name goes a long way. In this industry, you don’t speak to the CEO, let alone clients doing so. In the past I attended company town hall meetings, which of course included questions being submitted well ahead of time. It’s phenomenal to be included in a company where the CEO is hands-on and available. Investors especially, love that they can call, email, or stop in the office at any time. Investors expect more in today’s world – they have questions and you better not only have the answers but be willing to make the time to answer them. 

What are your greatest accomplishments?

Professionally, when I was in the banking industry, I managed and expanded a book of up to $130 million for about 300 different clients. I didn’t just work with them, I also managed the team, both internally and externally. I made sure everyone played nicely in the proverbial sandbox, during a time when banking’s reputational issues were at risk.

Personally, my family is obviously my greatest accomplishment. My wife and I have four children ranging in ages from two to twelve. It’s not easy keeping up with all of their activities, but we make it work. We built a home in the Palmerton area with 1-acre of land and each kid has their own bedroom. Daily life can be a struggle but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you do when you’re not building and strengthening relationships with clients?

I enjoy fishing and cooking for my family. Unlike a lot of parents out there, I love being a short order cook for the kids. It allows me to further develop my cooking skills and I can also sneak in more veggies into their meals. The family gets to try a variety of foods. Of course, my wife appreciates my cooking, too. Speaking of vegetables, my wife and I are in the process of expanding our large, all natural organic garden. We’ve got beautiful roses and next year, we’ll include a large number of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

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