DLP Capital Partners Hosts Latest PA Investment Dinner at Bear Creek

On Friday, October 25, 2019, DLP Capital Partners welcomed 255 attendees to their latest investor informational dinner event, this time held at Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center, in Macungie, PA.

Guests enjoyed a complimentary dinner and drinks as Don Wenner, CEO DLP Real Estate Capital and President DLP Capital Partners, presented the company’s unique and potentially life-changing investment opportunities, including the properties the company invests in and why as well as current fund offerings, performance, projections, and more. Additionally, Wenner commented on the synergy of all the companies under the DLP Real Estate Capital umbrella, and how they work together to provide solutions and services all under one roof, making the company truly distinctive and customer relationship-focused. 

Just as DLP Capital Partners performs due diligence on its potential multifamily property opportunities, listening to current investors speak firsthand about their own experiences and perspectives on investing with the company was equally important for potential investors to hear. 

Jim and Gina Hall have been investors with DLP Real Estate Capital for 1 ½ years. They began investing in Fixed Notes, expanded into the Income and Growth Fund, then with an IRA in the Lending Fund, and finally in the Preferred Equity Fund. Jim, a payroll director with St. Luke’s Hospital said he was beginning to think about retirement and was looking for investments with a decent return, without the dramatic highs and lows of the stock market. He commented, “As I drove to work each day, I continuously heard DLP ads on the radio. I thought it was too good to be true, what’s the catch? I thought I should at least find out more information so I called and asked to see their financial statements – they were readily available. I was pretty shocked at the company’s transparency and after speaking with Bob, we were ready to give it a shot.” Now, Jim says that he’s able to plan a much earlier retirement and make plans for the future, including traveling to Thailand to visit with their son and his family who are church planning missionaries. Additionally, he said that they’ve been encouraged by other investors, to have their children become involved in investing with DLP Capital Partners. Two out of seven of their children also attended the dinner with their parents. 

 Chuck Braymer has been an investor with DLP Capital Partners for the past four years. A 20-year Airforce veteran, he flew for American Airlines, also for twenty years. Braymer was an avid stock market player until he joined the Capital Partners family as an investor about four years ago. Braymer commented about Don, “I completely trust that guy over there. I’ve gotten to know him and his wife Carla and have watched the company grow incredibly over the years. Don is extremely meticulous, has great strategy, and execution.” Braymer said that his statements are dependable, repeatable, and he feels great about being able to retire early. He continued, “If you can find another investment company that does what DLP does, let me know. My best advice? Give DLP Capital Partners a hard look, ask questions. They’ll have the answers.” 

Throughout the event, the audience answered informative and entertaining quiz questions in order for a chance to win an extended weekend stay at one of two private DLP vacation properties, located in Asheville, NC or on St. Simons Island, GA. 

  Larry J. Hickernell, Jr. Senior Investment Success Manager commented, “I’m amazed that, although we’ve grown substantially year after year, our investor informational events continue to be a place where future investors can meet our existing investors and create new contacts and friendships within this growing community of 800+ investors. We are excited for what the future holds, and we appreciate each and every one of our investors and future investors for their continued support of DLP Capital Partners.”

If you missed the dinner, you can watch it in its entirety, here. 

Our next informational dinners are right around the corner so sign up today!

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