Gina and Jim Hall


Jim and Gina Hall are truly blessed. Married for thirty-five years, they are parents to seven children (ages 12 to 33), have enjoyed stability and longevity in their careers, and have been able to secure a well-planned financial future for their entire family through solid investments. What they’re most grateful for, however, is the opportunity to build upon their Christian beliefs through their relationship with the Lord which they’ve enjoyed for over thirty years. 

Their story of salvation began when Gina was just 25-years old and working for a local utility company in Allentown, PA. After meeting with a few coworkers to read the Bible and pray during break time, she wanted to learn more, so a church member attended their meetings and began to teach scripture. Gina was enlightened, invited God into her life, and soon after, her then-boyfriend Jim became interested in what she was learning about (accepting Jesus into her life).

Soon after, Jim and Gina married and when the children arrived, they introduced the importance of establishing a relationship with God to each of them. Gina homeschooled the kids who also attended their church Christian school. Jim and Gina emphasized the importance of playing musical instruments and provided lessons in piano, violin, harp, flute, guitar, hammer dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, and trumpet. With their 12-passenger van, the family traveled to senior centers, and other churches, performing and preaching the gospel message for four years, even making cd recordings. They were fortunate enough to build an addition onto their home, making it a gathering place for food, fun, and fellowship. 

Incredibly, they took their family on mission trips, visiting countries like Chile, the Czech Republic, Scotland, South Korea, Nome Alaska, and South Africa. Their home church, Lehigh Valley Baptist, provides a 4-year college degree in religious studies of which many of their children have graduated. While in South Korea, the family attended the Asian Games, handing out gospel literature to anyone who would listen. It was there that their son Benjamin knew he wanted to continue God’s work. And, it was also there that Jim and Gina began the process that led to the adoption of two Chinese girls. It took almost ten years, but eventually, they were able to formally welcome Akina and Britina into their family. Today the girls are 18 and 12-years old and are grateful to be living in a Christian home, a belief that their former country doesn’t take kindly to. 

Gina and Jim welcoming Britina

Gina welcoming Akina





Benjamin, as mentioned above, is in the process of continuing to spread the word of God through a church planting mission in Thailand. He, along with his wife, and their children (number four was born just a few weeks ago at the time of this publication) have just moved to Thailand where they will stay for many years. They will work with the Thai and Chinese people and will learn both languages. Jim and Gina plan to visit in early 2020. With the help of DLP Realty, Ben sold his home and was able to roll his profits in an investment fund with DLP Capital Partners. But, that’s not how the family was introduced to the company.

For the Halls, their relationship with DLP began almost two years ago when Jim, who is the payroll director for St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network, heard the familiar commercials on the radio every day when he drove to and from work. He was looking for an investment that offered good, solid returns without the ups and down roller coaster ride of the stock market. Finally, he decided to give the company a call to find out more information, although he was slightly skeptical. After speaking and meeting with Bob Schimeneck, Investor Success Manager, Jim said, “I was surprised at how open and transparent they were. We met with Bob, did our own due diligence, and here we are almost two years later, extremely satisfied with our returns. We’ve even brought our adult children to the investment dinners along with church friends and they’ve become investors, as well. God has blessed us financially and we want to share these wonderful opportunities to invest for the future with others.” 

Jim, Gina, daughter Nina, and son-in-law Geoff at The Great Wall of China

Jim adds, “It’s easier to plan for the future when there’s a stable and consistent type of investment like Don has made available. And, we’ve been impressed with the fact that a company CEO feels comfortable talking about scripture meditation and his own spiritual journey.”  

Bob, who has come to know the Hall family well, commented, “Jim and Gina are an incredible and giving couple. In addition to being strong supporters of DLP, they are dedicated advocates to those in need. Jim and Gina routinely dedicate their time to their local church along with mission work which calls them to travel internationally. They have passed down their morals and character to their children who also participate in missions. We are blessed and proud to have them be a part of the DLP Capital Partner family.”

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