by Jenn LoConte

Sons Sam and Chris enjoy fishing at their parents home.

For Sam and Trena F., being able to take in the “feel goods” is what life is all about. Surrounded by family who live nearby and grandchildren who plan to move right around the corner, this 16-year retired husband and wife live a simple, happy, and secure life on their 21-acre farm with 2 fish ponds, just outside of Northampton, PA. Both avid fans of the outdoors, Sam spends countless hours mowing his 5-acres of grass while Trena tends to their flower gardens.

Sam, originally from Williamsport, PA worked for PPL Corporation for nearly 40 years. As retirement drew closer, he and Trena, a nurse, decided to purchase the property and spent over a year renovating the farmhouse. While many people downsize and move to smaller living spaces upon retiring, Sam and Trena went bigger. Sam says, “we definitely wanted to stay active and we loved the idea of having more space which would allow for our children and their families the ability to live closer. Presently, we are developing a few lots so that we can give our grandchildren the opportunity to build their homes within walking distance of ours.”

Sam and Trena were involved in active real estate investing and owned several rental properties. As the years progressed, they smartly put together a retirement plan, allocating funds for fixed costs (taxes, healthcare insurance etc.) as well as towards things that they wanted to do (help family and travel). Over time, they decided to switch gears and become more passively involved in real estate. “Phone calls from renters can wear on you after a while,” joked Sam. For years, they had also invested in the stock market, but not knowing how things would turn out, was disheartening to them. Sam said, “When you have no control and you see dividends and values decreasing, you just don’t want to be there anymore.”

Sam and Trena began looking for other ways, smarter ways, to solidly invest their money. As many of our investors have told us, they first heard about DLP Capital Partners while listening to the Bobbi Gunther Walsh show on WAEB. After a few appointments with Don, investor dinner events, and speaking with other investors, they sold most of their rental properties and stocks, invested with DLP on not one but three separate occasions, and have been happy ever since.

Sam said, “When we noticed that we had to take funds from what we wanted to do in-order-to pay for the ever-increasing fixed living costs, we knew we needed to make a change to increase our cash flow. The wants are those feel-good things that make life more enjoyable and we wanted those to continue.” For Sam and Trena, married 57 years, the wants were less about themselves and more about their family; helping their two sons (Sam and Chris) as well as their grandchildren with their homes. Also, being able to financially help their soon-to-be 3-year old great-granddaughter when it comes time for her to go to college. Sam continued, “Nurturing our wants of helping our ever-growing family is extremely satisfying and has I think, given me a couple more years in life.”

Sam is extremely confident that investing with DLP was the right decision, especially when learning about Don’s devotion to investors, honesty, family values, and proven professional track record. He says, “We can now preserve our capital investment and enjoy diversity with steady growth and income.” He continues, “Communication with DLP is excellent, there are quarterly meetings, the online portal allows instant access to your investments, plus Don and his capable staff are always available to answer questions. You don’t get that in any other investment strategies.” With DLP, I get a true sense of investment protection.”

Trena and great-granddaughter, Caroline

Sam and Trena have allowed themselves to enjoy something just for themselves. They traveled to Belize, where they spent an amazing weeklong vacation. These days though, if the weather cooperates, you’ll find Sam doing what he loves, mowing. Acre after acre of green grass is like therapy for him, allowing him the ability to think and be thankful for what they have. He says, “Family is the number one priority and having them all so close goes right back to satisfying the wants in our lives.”

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