At DLP Capital Partners, we are deeply thankful to not only provide great financial returns for investors, but also to be able to provide opportunities for them to achieve their goals.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to build relationships with our Investors, who have become like family,” says Larry Hickernell, Jr., DLP Capital Partners Investment Success Manager. “I love hearing about their successes and new life experiences, due to their decision to invest with DLP.”

Larry recalls one Investor who was able to retire earlier than originally planned and another couple who enjoyed a vacation in Europe.

“Although we receive quite a number of ‘thank you’s’ and letters of gratitude, I speak for all of us at the DLP Capital Partners team – we are the ones who are truly thankful for them,” continues Hickernell. “Our Investors help us to reach our company goals and without them, DLP wouldn’t exist. We are forever thankful to have the opportunity to serve our wonderful Investors.”

Robert Schimeneck, also a DLP Capital Partners Investor Success Manager, recalls a new Investor who recently became a widow. Having no experience with the family finances, she wasn’t sure which way to turn, but her goal was to preserve principal and generate income. After just a few months, she was extremely happy with her investments and so thankful for the help and guidance she received along the way.

“I appreciated her kind words but it is I who is thankful to her. One of the greatest pleasures of my career is seeing individuals who have worked so hard for so many years, now being able to enjoy their lives doing something they’ve always wanted to without having to worry about finances and money,” says Bob.

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