We’ve all heard the investment guidance that we should “buy low and sell high.” The reality is, when valuations are low, many people liquidate their investments. Investors often make investments when the market is solid and end up later selling them out of fear and panic, even if that means selling when it isn’t advantageous to do so. This is the very reason why cash flow is king in the world of investing. Cash-flow investments allow you to avoid these types of risks. 

Don Wenner, CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital comments, “A lot of people in the last market cycle liquidated investments and were sitting on cash, but weren’t able to generate cash flow,”. In this webinar, Don goes through five reasons why cash flow is more important than just having capital. 

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Key Points From The Webinar:

00:01- Intro: Our investment principles/rules.

02:58 – Reason #1 Consistent cash flow removes the need to sell at the wrong time or when values are low.

04:10- Reason #2- Cash flow allows you to weather the hard times, whether it’s with your business, personal life, or with your other investments. 

05:03- Reason #3- Cash flow, consistently earned, creates massive long-term growth and wealth. Cash is power. 

06:08- Reason #4- Cash flow generally requires giving up some “potential” at a future date in return for consistency and safety today.

07:45- Reason #5- Cash flow is the basis around how DLP makes investment decisions and you can do the same, at least with a large portion of your investments.

08:57- How DLP generates cash flow: investing equity into affordable workforce housing. DLP generates great cash flow on assets, while putting our investors first. 

12:29- Don goes through our loan case studies and a case study of one of our 300-unit apartment communities in Valdosta, GA.

17:09- About our funds and their returns: DLP Preferred Returns Equity Fund, DLP Lending Fund, DLP Note Offerings.

23:24- Don answers questions from the audience in a Q&A session.

Historically, DLP Capital Partners has always generated double-digit returns in all of our funds,, which is pretty attractive in any market. The reason we’re able to generate 10%+ returns for our investors is because all of our investment funds revolve around investments that generate consistent cash flow.

Explore our funds today and start earning consistent, high-yield returns! You can also download your FREE Investor Success Guide if you’d like to learn more about the strategies that hundreds of our current investors are already taking advantage of to earn high-yield returns.


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